Next Steps: 5 Things You Need to Know

Sewer Backup? Call us FIRST at: (513) 352-4900

MSD's Sewer Backup (SBU) Program provides assistance to MSD customers who have experienced a sewer backup from the MSD public sewer.

If you suspect a sewer backup, here's a list of Next Steps: 5 Things You Need to Know.

  1. Report: If you haven't already, report your sewer backup to MSD within 24 hours of discovery either online or by calling (513) 352-4900 24/7. Reporting can be done 24/7.

  2. MSD Investigation: MSD will investigate your report in an effort to determine the cause.  Field crews are usually dispatched within four hours or less. If you experienced a sewer backup from the MSD public sewer, you may be eligible for cleaning services and claims reimbursement. You will not be eligible for assistance from MSD's SBU Program if the backup you experienced was caused solely by private plumbing issues or overland flooding. Learn more...

  3. Cleaning Services: If your property is authorized for cleaning services, MSD will contact you by phone to schedule the cleaning. This could take one or more days. Learn more...

  4. Damage Claims: MSD covers damages from sewer backups due to the MSD public sewer. If you plan to submit a claim for damage, please thoroughly document damages to your property. Only documented damages are potentially eligible for reimbursement under MSD's SBU Program. Learn more and get a claim form...

  5. Prevention Program: If your property has experienced recurring backups from the MSD public sewer, you may be eligible for the prevention program. Learn more...

  • Contact the SBU Program

    Report a sewer backup

    Call (513) 352-4900 24/7
    Submit an online report

    Note: Please report your sewer backup within 24 hours of discovery to be potentially eligible for reimbursement of damages.

    Cleaning Services

    Call (513) 244-5100
    Learn more...

    Filing a SBU Claim

    Download the SBU claim form
    Learn more...
    Call (513) 244-5100 for help with your claim

    MSD Prevention Program

    Call (513) 352-4288
    Learn more...

    Videos (Customer Education)

    Learn more...

    Resources & Reports

    Learn more...

    SBU Ombudsman with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

    Call (513) 362-2801

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