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The Sewer Backup Response (SBU) Program has been in operation since January 2004, and was the first of its kind in the country. It was previously known as the Water-in-Basement Response Program. 

The program started as part of an agreement between the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and federal and state agencies. The long-term goal of the program is to eliminate all sewer backups caused by problems in the public sewer system. 

The Metropolitan Sewer District’s public sewer system serves homes, businesses, and institutions in 43 of the 49 cities, villages and townships throughout Hamilton County, as well as a small number of properties in Butler, Clermont and Warren counties. The network of underground sewers consists of more than 3,000 miles of pipe, some of it more than 100 years old.

SBU Facts

SBU Facts contains SBU Response Program statistics on help we have provided for property owners in Hamilton County.

  • Contact the SBU Program

    Report a sewer backup

    Phone: (513) 352-4900
    Online: Report a sewer backup online

    If you have a sewer backup (SBU), please report it immediately. You can report sewer backups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Note: SBUs must be reported within 24 hours to be eligible for reimbursement of damages.

    Get information about sewer backup prevention

    (513) 352-4288

    Filing a claim

    Start here: How to File a Claim
    Get help filing a claim: (513) 244-5100
    Just need the form? SBU Claim Form (pdf)

    SBU Ombudsman with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

    (513) 362-2801

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Understanding Sewer Backups

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