Backup Prevention

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Sewer backups may be caused by:

Preventing problems caused by the public sewer system

If your property experiences recurring backups because of public sewer problems, you may be eligible for prevention assistance. As a first step, you will need to fill out a questionnaire describing the history of sewer backups on your property.

If your property meets the criteria for prevention assistance, MSD will develop a plan to eliminate the problem, at no cost to you.

MSD will need up to two years to evaluate, design, and construct a remedy for your property. MSD will install devices designed to prevent future SBUs, provided you agree to the proposed solution and you give MSD access to your property for installation.  You will not be charged for the installation; however, if the device requires electricity to operate, you will have to provide the electricity. 

During this time, you must not store personal property in the area that has backups, and you must not install carpeting, flooring, or drywall in this area.

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Download the Sewer Backup Prevention Program brochure

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    Report a sewer backup

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    If you have a sewer backup (SBU), please report it immediately. You can report sewer backups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Note: SBUs must be reported within 24 hours to be eligible for reimbursement of damages.

    Get information about sewer backup prevention

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    Filing a claim

    Start here: How to File a Claim
    Get help filing a claim: (513) 244-5100
    Just need the form? SBU Claim Form (pdf)

    SBU Ombudsman with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

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Understanding Sewer Backups

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